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Demaray Harvesting & Trucking LLC
4802 E. Ray Road  Suite 23-117
Phoenix, Arizona 85044

520-518-7777 (Tim Demaray)
Members of the U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc.
Commercial Trucking

  • 20 late model PETERBILT semi tractors
  • 1 FLATBED and 4 each STEP DECKS trailers
  • 20 40-42 ft AG HOPPER trailers and 2 sets DOUBLE GRAIN trailers
  • 6 combine haulers
  • 2 RGN trailers
We have a permanent staff of drivers who have pulled hopper bottoms, walking floors, drop decks, end dumps, tankers and machinery haulers transporting apples, potatoes, cotton seed, fertilizer, milo, oats, sunflowers, wheat, barley, beans, silage, hay, palletized wheat seed, ag machinery, and asphalt, sand, etc. We are always looking for a new challenge and have the financial resources to add equipment and staff when practical.
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Demaray Harvesting   4802 E. Ray Road  Suite 23-117   Phoenix, Arizona  85044   :   520-518-7777   :   tim@demarayharvesting.com