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Demaray Harvesting & Trucking LLC
1664 East Florence Blvd
Suite 4 #505
Casa Grande AZ 85122
520-518-7777 (Tim Demaray)
Members of the U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc.
About DHT
Warren and SeDelle Demaray had been farming  all their lives when they established this harvesting business  with one John Deere 7700 combine in 1974 near Jamestown ND where they also own a farm. Son Tim joined up in 1977 with one John Deere 7700 combine.

Today Warren and SeDelle have retired and Tim Demaray operates and manages the business which includes nine combines and various trucking and farming  equipment. Our professional and dedicated staff includes Kevin Wansing, 20 years, Craig Thickett, 10 years, and Randy Smith, 4 years. Also, we typically have 50% or more of our seasonal staff returning each year.

Currently operating in several states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, North and South Dakota, Montana, and we are always willing to consider opportunities in other states.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to recruit experienced and conscientious employees and to use the latest technology to provide timely, efficient, and quality harvesting, trucking and farming services to our customers according to their needs and at a competitve price. The intent is to make each current customer a loyal and satisfied customer for the future.
Our Goal
We are continually looking for opportunites to expand our Harvesting, Trucking and Farming businesses and improve our profitability by adding new customers,  and committing additional resources or by reassigning our current  human and equipment resources.
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Demaray Harvesting  1664 East Florence Blvd  Suite 4 #505  Casa Grande AZ 85122   :   520-518-7777   :   tim@demarayharvesting.com